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Science Workshops for children between the ages of 7 and 12

Our Goal

Let's not do science in a regular way

Let's explore science the way the old masters used to

Instead of learning what they discovered

Let's make those discoveries ourselves

How we go about it?

We will explore many topics from the physics of water to the way machines work, the chemistry of colours to the behaviour of ants etc. We work with the children to explore the nature of science through observation, questioning and experimentation. "Understanding how to do science" is what we focus on as an underlying theme in all our sessions and the children and we educators learn through a process of self discovery.

Who will conduct the sessions?

Dr. Shonali Chinniah and Rohit D'Cruz (an educator working with us for over a year) will be conducting these sessions. Shonali has a Ph.D in Marine ecology and Rohit is a pilot. All the programs have been developed by Dr. Sukanya (Physics) , Dr. Utpal (Physics) and Dr. Shonali and you can learn more about us at We have been creating science modules for children since 2008.

We currently have two programs:

Water Works Science Fair

The Water Works Science Fair has been created and designed by Dr. Sukanya Sinha, Dr. Utpal Chattopadhayay and Dr. Shonali Chinniah, with Ph.d's in Physics and Biology with the aim of getting children to ask questions and spark curiosity about science in them. We use materials that children can easily access at home so they can go back and experiment and try out things. 


Topics covered range from properties of water (melting, boiling and freezing points), cohesion and capillary action, water weight and water pressure, water conductivity, non-Newtonian fluids, Bernoulli’s principle and the coanda effect, the history of water use, water in interstellar space, tornados and whirlpools, animal distribution in the oceans and estuaries, effect of water pressure on animals, and much more. This fair was modelled on Science Interactive Centres around the world with hands on activities at its heart.

Science Camps at Hippocampus

Science Camps at Hippocampus are fun and a hands on learning experience for our budding scientists. We introduce concepts in Science in Interesting and Innovative ways. The emphasis is on learning concepts and not memorizing facts. The child learns by doing real experiments in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.


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