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Stories About Us - Priya's Feedback on the Masinagudi Trip
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Priya's Feedback on the Masinagudi Trip
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My trip to Masinagudi 

Masinagudi Bio Camp

It was just one of those days where as soon as my mother called my name to wake me up in the morning, I jumped out of bed. I guess it was the trip to Masinagudi that did the trick. My mom drove my brother and me to Shonali auntie’s house at five thirty in the morning and there was a bus waiting for ten other children and us. As soon as we reached Shonali auntie’s house we loaded all our bags and left for Masinagudi. The bus ride was fun even though it took us five to six hours to reach there. We watched a movie, sang songs and played a few games. We packed breakfast and everyone had to bring one extra food item to share with each other. My mom packed sandwiches for breakfast and I bought cookies to share with everybody.

We reached the jungle retreat at lunch time and we were so hungry that before we even put our bags in the dormitory, we had our lunch. Then we were told to follow some rules while we stayed there. We had a very fun person accompanying us whose name was Rohan uncle. We had a lot of fun staying there. We went swimming, played foosball and many more games. But, I thought one of the most fun parts was going for walks in the jungle and doing different exercises. When we walked through the jungle we made a note of the different trees, birds and animals we saw. We even followed a herd of deer for two days and also the Langur monkeys. We saw twenty five different beautiful birds and set up cameras to catch any animals that passed by during the night. The exercises were equally fun. We did estimation counts of the number of flowers in sixteen bushes and the number of water spiders in a pond.

The next day we left the jungle retreat to camp in the middle of the hills near Ooty for a day. It was nice because we had to do everything without any resources except sleeping bags and tents. We cooked food on a fire we made with firewood, slept in tents and even used portable toilets!!! But it was fun because we learnt a lot of things. The next morning we returned to the jungle retreat and it was our last day of the trip. We went for a swim, played little foosball, packed our luggage and left for Bangalore. The bus trip wasn’t as fun as when we came because all of us were tired. We miss that place a lot and the funny part is that my brother, Arjun, did not know what he wanted to become when he grows up but now he says he wants to be a bird watcher!!!!!!


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