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Stories About Us - Mummyknowsbest Article- August 2010
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Stories About Us
Mummyknowsbest Article- August 2010
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Whoever conjured up the image of scientists being geeky and nerdy is going to be proven wrong - finally! All thanks to the creative minds of a few scientists who are dispelling this myth with their wonderful approach to introducing and teaching science to kids.

Curiouscity aims at initiating an interest and curiosity in children about science, showing them that science is amazing and touches every aspect of life! What’s great about Curiouscity is that they convince children (and frankly even me!) of this fact overnight… and voila, anyone can be a scientist.

This fun bunch of scientists and teachers explain scientific concepts with creativity. Yes, creativity and science do go hand in hand. I attended a Sunday session where a group of 8-12 year olds were figuring out the Archimedes Principle all on their own with the help of silver foil, a tub of water and marbles. They were truly brilliant and they were having so much fun, I wanted to be a kid all over again.

Some of the cool questions the workshops investigate are:

Acids and bases, ever made green eggs and ham?

Pressure - how strong is the air around you?

Electricity - why a lemon battery won’t light a light bulb….and many more!

These workshops are so different from the way we were taught – no boring definitions or formulas to mug. Here the kids are Newton, Darwin, and Einstein themselves. They use tools to conduct experiments that have been ingeniously designed to enable the kids to observe, infer and draw conclusions themselves. This lovely sense of discovery and understanding of concepts is what inspires and energises any human being. Apart from all this, I was amazed by the other life skills that the children inadvertently learn, like teamwork, patience and the ability to communicate effectively. 

Curiouscity makes science fun! It’s one of the best things you could do for your child and if they took 4 year olds in their camps, I would stand overnight in a queue to get him a spot! 

Curiouscity conducts workshops and camps all around Bangalore for 8-12 yr olds. The latest one is at ‘Claytopia’ in Indranagar and they may have a few spots left so….hurry up and call them!

To find out more go online at :

Contact: Phone: 9980103061

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 LINK TO ARTICLE (August 2010) 

Contact : 09980103061
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