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Science Workshops

Workshops of teaching science by telling its (Hi)story

We have had two workshops on teaching science topics by narrating its history. The two topics we covered were ‘Electricity’ and ‘Flying’.  We had a bunch of about 10 kids between age groups of 8 and 12 years for a couple of hours each day for four days per workshop.

The stories we told involved a lot of thinking and were compelling learning opportunities. We believe that this mode of learning helps kids to begin developing skills they need to further their own understanding of primary sources. But most important to us is that we tried and set attitudes they will have when they approach the same or new subjects in science. Our Curiouscity Educators tried teaching them how one piece of knowledge can become the anchor for another fact. If we all started with thinking that science was full of exciting details, hairpin turn-of-events, and figures with “character,” who would not want to learn more? It is difficult to remember facts related to historical events or figures, but the fluid narrative of storytelling can tie facts together into a more meaningful pattern.

Flying Workshop

The (Hi)story of Flying

The workshop on the ‘(Hi)story of Flying’ involved the kid’s learning about the early attempts to fly. We collected hilarious videos on those early unsuccessful attempts. They designed their own miniature parachutes and analysed their design following a competition of whose parachute lands last down from a higher floor of our science lab. We learnt about the Newton’s laws of motion assisted by interactive experiments, launched a bottle filled with pressurized air and water into air and a whole lot of other fun activities. On the final day we all packed lunch and went to the HAL museum, Bangalore. We had an educative tour of the museum and enacted among ourselves the (Hi)story of flying.

The (Hi)story of Electricity.

The ‘(Hi)story of Electricity’ started with the Big Bang and was explained with the help of videos and props how charges came into being, how their (the charges) existence was discovered , how the first battery was made in the mouth of Volta, how the electric charges were put into use, the coming of telegraphs, telephones, elevators, fun parks. The interesting story of how the electric bulb was invented. The kids experimented with magnets, static electricity, circuits and others. They sent messages using the Morse code. They were all given roles of proud inventors in the timeline of history or electricity and they had badges saying who was Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, Edison and many more. On the last day of the four day event we set a stage and invited the kids parents to come and see them narrate and perform the (Hi)story of  ‘how electricity switched on our modern world’. It sure was fun for all of us. 

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