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Science Camps

Many of the greatest scientists of our past were not merely mathematicians or physicists or biologists – but they were creative artists in many fields – from physics to art, biology to astronomy.  Take Leonardo Da Vinci for example, he was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, and a botanist – but most of all he was an inventor and he was creative. And he was not alone – many scientists of older times were the same – they created and invented in several fields –Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Aryabhata or Jagadish Chandra Bose to name just a few.

Science Camps

There is a world out there that is waiting to be explored, and our attempt is to bring some of the excitement of exploring science to children growing up in an increasingly data and fact filled world. We want to take the children beyond the world of books, the four walls of the classroom, and let them experience science first hand by working on simple experiments, and scientific concepts. Following the great Physicist Richard Feynman who once said “I cannot understand what I cannot create”. 
Curiouscity has been created with the aim of promoting creativity in science amongst children. We believe that science is not merely a set of subjects filled with theory and equations, but that it is also a creative field of study. We attempt to get the children to create their own little moments of scientific discovery, their own little moments of WOW.

We deliver innovative, hands-on activities related to science, which are educational, as well as challenging and fun. While one cannot get away from a syllabus which has also its own place in learning, what we can do is to supplement the learning by helping fill the gaps left by such structured learning and offering kids the possibility of exploration and experimentation on their own. This is what we call "Creating Scientific Temperament" amongst children. We, at CURIOUSCITY, do this in an interactive, challenging, and fun filled way. 

If you have ever felt that your child has suddenly lost their once sparkling interest in things around them, stopped asking the endless "WHY" questions, and attends science classes with trepidation, ask yourself "WHY?” 

In the minds of many children, science takes on the image of being full of ugly "equations", difficult "formulas" or "definitions" that make no sense. Has anyone ever taught your child that the basic idea behind an EQUATION is that the two quantities are EQUAL on both sides or used a balance to show them that if they add or remove anything from one side they need to do the same to the other side? It is so simple, yet it is something that hardly any of our children really learn in that manner. The aim of Curiouscity is to bring back the JOY of science where one starts with a practical approach to solve problems or to understand some basic principles of science without using endless definitions.  

We provide a framework whereby we introduce an idea and then allow children to work in groups, (which also helps them to get over any fear of not knowing an answer), to solve problems or facilitate the movement of the class based on their questions and interests even if it does not move in the direction we planned for. Doing so nurtures the child's natural curiosity and allows them the freedom to think through their own solutions, many of which we are often amazed by.

We have found that children often respond with a RESOUNDING "Why”! 

Our target group has been children between the ages of 8 to 12 years. Recently we have also introduced classes for a younger age group of 6 to 8 years. Our work has targeted several groups of children over the last five years in short term (2 weeks) and long term (1 year) programs. The changes that we have seen over the period of time has been encouraging and motivated us to bring about more topics that the children can be curious about. 


Some of the topics we have used to help create this scientific temperament are:

1. Looking at the truth behind primary colours

2. Acids and bases, ever made green eggs and ham?

3. Techniques for purifying water - will YOU drink it?

4. Measuring heartbeats - find out if you are active or passive!

5. Estimations - measure your height with marbles and shoes.

6. Electricity - why a lemon battery won't light a light bulb.

7. Pressure - how strong is the air around you?

8. Ant feeding preferences - the impossible measure.

9. Electricity - Magnets, motors and generators.

10. Dropping eggs – techniques in design. 

We have designed over 30 workshops with the aim of getting the children to experiment and learn basics of science techniques through experimentation, analysis and observation. The binding factor in each is that the children investigate while we facilitate.

Science Camps being held this year

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