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We at Curiouscity have been working with children over the past five years doing workshops where we teach kids about the basics behind science – methods of experimentation, observations, and analysing data.  We do this in a fun filled, challenging and team based environment, where we take topics of science and work with the children to explore concepts, ask questions and work out methods to answer them. 

Teacher Training Workshop

While one cannot get away from syllabus based learning in today’s schools, which has also its own place in learning. However, what we can do is supplement the learning by offering kids the possibility of exploration and experimentation on their own. 

The idea behind this teacher training workshop, is not to reinvent the wheel in terms of the syllabus, but how to pull out modules within a syllabus and change things around to make the children discover a concept rather than be taught the same – and to expose teachers to the value of such “discovery learning”.

We have many methods of doing this, from student teaching, to challenge setting, to negative challenges, creating analogies that work – all of which can be used to create an environment that encourages children to think, and ask questions.  A child asking a question is a child who is interested.  How we address these questions is how we keep the child interested.  

This program is being designed and conducted by highly qualified scientists and educators with extensive research and teaching experience.

Feedback on our Teacher Training Workshop at Shishu Mandir

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