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Water Works Science fair
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Water Works

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We believe that a child needs to explore and discover the world around them and therefore we want to take them out of the four walls of the classrooms and let them experience Science first hand.  While one cannot get away from a syllabus which has also its own place in learning, what we can do is to supplement the learning by offering kids the possibility of exploration and experimentation on their own.

Valley School

With this in mind we have created a Science Event called Water Works Science Fair  in which we use materials that children can easily access at home so they can go back and experiment and try things out.  Topics covered range from properties of water (melting, boiling and freezing points), cohesion and capillary actionwater weight and water pressure, water conductivitynon-Newtonian fluidsBernoulli’s principle and the Coanda effect, the history of water use, water in interstellar spacetornadoes and whirlpoolsanimal distribution in the oceans and estuarieseffect of water pressure on animals, and much more.  This fair was modeled on Science Interactive Centres around the world with hands on activities at its heart. We at Curiouscity believe that science is not just a field of facts and theory, but it is one of creativity, that begins with a question. And there is no doubt that this fair will get the children to ask questions and spark their curiosity in subjects they will encounter now or later in their classrooms and beyond.   

We have been conducting our Water Works Science Fair at Schools in and around Bangalore and it has been well received by several schools. We have recently conducted our day long Science fair at The Valley School and Head Start Educational Academy.  Bangalore International School, Lawrence School Bangalore, Inventure Academy Bangalore, Sujaya School Bangalore, Citizen English School Bangalore and Shishu Mandir Bangalore have also participated in this event.

No matter how well we sell an idea, your best gauge of this event would really be from the Feedback we have received from both the students and teachers alike. 

Comments from Kids at The Valley School

Comments from the Kids at Head Start Educational Academy

Comments from the Kids at Neelbagh Rural School

Comments from the Teachers at Head Start Educational Academy

Comment from the Kids at Inventure Academy

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