Full-day Workshops

We offer full day workshops for batches of 100 – 125 kids from Classes 4 to 10, with various hand-on activities on the following specialized topics:

  • Water Works (on various aspects of water)
  • The Electric Universe (on electricity & magnetism)
  • Let There Be Light (on light)
  • Sound Ideas (on sound and waves)
  • The Magic of Mechanics (on laws of motion & mechanics)
  • Let’s Get Chemical (on basic concepts of Chemistry)
  • Staying Alive (on various aspects of Biology)
  • How Things Work (on how everyday objects function)

Workshop Objectives:

Evoke a sense of Wonder

Encourage the desire to Explore

Ignite the Curiouscity to learn

Engagement Approach

Structured Workshops

  • Focus group of classes 4 to 10 for maximum impact
  • Age appropriate content & methodology of workshops
  • Alignment with school’s academic needs & calendar

Sustained Engagement

  • Conduct 3 or 4 sessions per class per academic year
  • Multi-year engagement with cohort from class 4 to 10
  • Freshness of engagement by changing content / approach

Lots of Fun!

  • Ensure that workshop content is intrinsically engaging
  • Focus on DIY, games, group work, entertainment elements
  • Blend of structured activity and playful exploration