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We have been working with many groups of children for the past several years in short (2 weeks) and long term (1 year) programs.  In our effort of teaching Science in CURIOUSCITY's innovative interactive fun filled ways, we have found that the children respond in an amazing manner to this kind of stimulus.  The changes we have seen in the way the same group of children approach science after just 10 sessions with us are encouraging and can be measured by the things they try at home and the questions they ask.

Rather than focus on a topic or attempt to teach them a scientific principle, we use topics to get the children to take a different approach to learning. One in which, instead of asking, "How can I do this?” a kid asks "Can I do this?”

The idea is to introduce the children to a topic - be it chromatography, photography, animal behaviour or estimations and get them to come up with creative solutions to problems set in this area. 

For example, in a set of experiments with electricity, one child actually decided that blood would be a better conductor than a lemon because he once got a shock from a plug point! Needless to say we found a spontaneous way to test this and discovered a lot more about conductivity and grounding in the process. 

When we were doing acids and bases with a group of children, they analysed unknown samples and found out how to cook "Green eggs" using a base indicator. The following session, one of our 10 year old boys came back and declared that he had made "Pink Lemonade" at home. He took the red cabbage juice (indicator) and added it to the lemonade (acidic) and it turned pink. He was puzzled as to whether this change was because of the purplish colour of the cabbage juice. So, he extracted the juice from a green cabbage, added it to the lemonade and it turned pink. This is what we term inculcating a Scientific Temperament

Some of the exercises are designed to make the children solve mechanical problems which then gives them a chance to redesign their models after an initial test. The idea is not for them to learn the words "force, or fulcrum, or velocity", but to allow them to be creative, and understand these forces and balances, with an objective in mind. We hope this will later come to their mind when they study forces and vectors as part of their regular curriculum. 

Our favourite response from the kids feedback forms was this:

"I liked this class, because I learned to do things by myself" 

In 2012 we introduced a Science Fair called Water Works which aims at bringing Science to children in a more fun and exciting way.

Experiences of Kids at our Water Works Science Fair

Kids from The Valley School

Kids from Head Start Educational Academy

Kids from Inventure Academy

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