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Bio Trip to Masinagudi
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Curiouscity's field trips are typically "a fun filled, hands-on program which is designed to tweak a child's curiosity."

Esha taking notes

Would a child rather learn about contaminants of water by reading the following passage?


"Certain human-made organic chemicals present in the lakes biologically accumulate, or bio accumulate, in resident organisms. As phytoplankton are eaten by zooplankton and small fish, the toxic chemicals are further concentrated in the bodies of zooplankton and small fish. Bioaccumulation occurs at each step of the food chain, resulting in top predators, such as carp, amassing high concentrations of contaminants. This process of increasing concentration of contaminants through the food chain is known as bio magnification."


Or by actually going out to a lake, taking measurements, looking at the organisms that inhabit the lake and mucking around in it for a while, before we throw such terminology at them?


We invite you to join us on one of our field trips..... And you'll see how these really make a difference in your children's understanding.

About the Recent Bio Trip to Masinagudi Camp

This is what Priya had to say about the trip to Masinagudi

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