Science labs

Welcome to the wonder world of learning by doing and not by rote! Our 25,000 square feet facility is packed with unique and innovative science exhibits and experiments designed by experts from IIT, IISc and Cornell and facilitated by trained guides. Our Science Exploration Spaces encourage learning through hands-on activities for children in traditional sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as inter-disciplinary areas.

Illusions and Dark rooms

Our Illusions and Dark rooms provide endless fun to kids and adults alike. Walk through a room full of mind-bending, eye-decieving illusions where nothing is really as it seems, and experience the limits of human senses. Explore fun and creative ways to visualise light and shadows in our Dark Room. This space is great for all kids aged 3 to 99!
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Escape rooms

Solve science-based puzzles to break out of our escape rooms, and put your problem-solving abilities to the test. We have two Escape Rooms. Although preference is given to our 8 to 18 year olds, adults can also join the fun on days that are not so crowded. Know more

Science Play Zone

A fun activities space for younger kids where they can play and learn through science-based toys like magnetic sand, mechanical devices like gears and pulleys, dinosaur models, etc to spark curiousity by tapping into the natural playfulness of younger children. Our innovative exhibits, kid friendly activities and trained guides make Curiouscity one of Bangalore’s best places for kids and families to spend a fun weekend. Know more

Outdoor Space

The outdoor space of 80,000 sq. ft soon will have mini bio-diversity zones with native species of flora and fauna, butterfly park, animal rehabilitation centre, water harvesting, waste management, etc.
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Our 125-seater auditorium provides a space to host science related programs such as lecture-demonstrations, science theatre, talks, and films. Through performing arts, it provides an opportunity to explore the synergies between the sciences and the arts. Know more


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